David A. Line
We will go to heaven, you will follow the stars, you will fall from heaven, you will go to hell
Untoten live at K17 at the end of November has been an annual event for a while now, and one I wouldn’t want to miss as a true Untoten fan. So once again I travelled to the beautiful city of Berlin to see this awesome band live on stage. This year the gig is planned on a Thursday night, not the perfect night for a gig. Fortunately Untoten have some loyal fans and it’s good to see them all present in K17 tonight.
The theme of the gig tonight is ‘Grabsteinland IV - Die Schwarze Feder’, the fourth part in Untoten’s Grabsteinland saga which they released at the end of October. The production of the album is really good, and that’s something you can also hear in tonights’ live performance. Greta’s voice is powerful as ever, and new songs like ‘Weisst Du Noch?’, ‘Sturm, Brich Los!’ and ‘Die Schwarze Feder’ sound very impressive performed live. David and Greta created a well varied setlist when it comes to Grabsteinland, and songs from the first three parts (‘Hexenfieber’, ‘Raben’) never get old.
Of course Greta and David treat their fans on some golden oldies too, and once again we get to hear ‘Spermfinger’, ‘Die out by the Sea’ and ‘Abdomination’. I really love the live editions of these tracks, but with a back catalogue of over ten albums it would be nice if the band alternated the tracks a bit. For next year: surprise us with ‘new’ old tracks! I’m going to do my best to be there once again next year.

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